The first Edition of the French-Swedish Workshop on Research, Innovation and Education | 11th & 12th June 2019

11th & 12th June 2019 - Cité Descartes




On November 2017, French and Swedish governments engaged in a Research and Innovation partnership by signing a strategic agreement in the areas of innovation, digital transformation and sustainable solutions. The cooperation should be built on the involvement of industry, start-ups, academia and the public sector.. Later on  the Nordic tour on internationalisation of universities was held in June 2018 in Stockholm…as a result, some  French academic organisations (IFSTTAR, EIVP, UPEM) and some Swedish academic organisations (VTI, KTH, Linköpings university, Luleå university, Chalmers university of technology) met again in Stockholm  in November 2018 with the support the French embassy in Stockholm  to discuss how  to strengthen bilateral cooperation. The idea of the French-Swedish Workshop (FSW) was born

The workshop objectives are :

  • To share knowledge, produce a “state of the art” of the cooperation and expertise of research in the fields mentioned in the roadmap produced by both governments’ political agreement.
  • To set a basis for developing cooperation finding synergies (either complementarities or similarities), putting together skills and expertise
  • To establish an organisation including success stories, presentations, discussions, exchange of good practices. PhD candidates’ participation is welcome
  • To write a pluri-annual programme to launch calls for proposals and therefore find funds from France and Sweden  to develop further cooperation

FSW 2019 co-chairs :

Dr. Agnès Jullien (Director of the department of European and International Affairs at IFSTTAR)

Dr. Ghazwan Al-Haji (Senior Lecturer in road traffic safety at the Linköping University)


The participation to the workshop is completely free but registration is mandatory : ONLINE REGISTRATION




Multidisciplinary topics, modes and areas addressed are:

  • Transportation: connected and autonomous vehicles, green energy, logistics
  • Smart cities: connected cities/building, nearly zero-energy building
  • User-centered strategy: personal data (ethics, management), cocreation with users of new ways of live/implementation of new transportation system
  • Test-beds facilities: benchmarking, research mobility
  • Green solutions for clean energy transport and smart cities
  • Digitalization, smart industry and start-up
  • Innovation in health and life sciences

Participants will present and discuss the latest achievements of European research and technological developments including a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities ranging from basic sciences to application-oriented engineering, social, technical and economic aspects, as well as policies and standards.

The workshop covers themes in the area of the French-Swedish governmental agreement signed in 2017 and different topics co-decided during the French and the Swedish partners 2018 meetings on mutual topics of interest :

  • Education: PhD level - exchanges, cofounding
  • Research
  • Test-beds facilities: benchmarking, research mobility

Contributors/attendees profiles expected

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Research organisations and universities, students

Testing platform/facilities owners

Private companies

Networks, cities

European Commission, Ministries of education and research, of transport, of innovation

Agencies; Citizens’ associations, Mayors/stakeholders


Conference language: English



The call for abstrct is currently open. 

The objective of the workshop is to create synergies and open discussions around the topics listed.

Any kind of presentation (research, education, innovation projects, ...) can be submitted for oral or poster presentation.


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/!\  DEADLINES /!\

- February 25th : Deadline for Abstract submission

- March 20th : End of Abstract Evaluation



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